"Real Housewives of New Jersey" stars on tonight’s WWE Draft

  • Published: 15 October 2019
  • Margaret Josephs & Melissa Gorga of "Real Housewives of New Jersey" are excited for Night 2 of the WWE Draft tonight on Raw at 8/7 C on USA Network.
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Comments • 36

  • tay lor
    tay lor  1 months back

    Carmella and Lacey feud??? Maybe?!

    • Rahul Varghese
      Rahul Varghese  1 months back

      I think this show should be renamed as Cougars of New Jersey

      • Ian Oosthuizen
        Ian Oosthuizen  1 months back

        They didn’t even draft half the women >:(

        • elmagnificodep
          elmagnificodep  1 months back

          Should have had them pick Liv Morgan since she’s actually from New Jersey unlike Carmella.

          • punjab19901
            punjab19901  1 months back

            We all they, they have no idea who Carmella even is 😂😂
            Love Margrette & Melisa tho!

            • alex davis
              alex davis  1 months back


              • Unknown Wolfgang
                Unknown Wolfgang  1 months back

                Keep celebrities out of pro wrestling except Stephen Amell

                • Dedos Del Medio
                  Dedos Del Medio  1 months back

                  She’d pick Carmella(?).....good choice

                  • baby Maharaja
                    baby Maharaja  1 months back

                    Get real, these two women aren't wrestling fans. Nobody even knows who they are anyway.

                    • YOUNG BIBBY
                      YOUNG BIBBY  1 months back

                      I just hope they break Carmella and r truth up, it was fun a certain amount of time. Let r-truth do his thing with the 24/7 title and let Carmella get drafted to SD to feud with Bayley please. Time to treat the woman’s division right, that’s what you call change.

                      • logan kerr
                        logan kerr  1 months back

                        would rather have Great Khali instead

                        • Steven Chung
                          Steven Chung  1 months back

                          Man, they are THAT desperate in getting WWE publicity, huh?

                          • Kuartangle
                            Kuartangle  1 months back

                            What do you guys think??? which brand is the best???
                            Like : Raw
                            Subscribe : Smackdown
                            Comment : NXT

                          • KingMayuke
                            KingMayuke  1 months back

                            stop this wwe

                            • redexx13
                              redexx13  1 months back

                              Why? This is great marketing to new audiences

                          • Cory Akabueze
                            Cory Akabueze  1 months back

                            What a joke

                            • dxrebel
                              dxrebel  1 months back

                              This just isn't the WWE anymore I so desperately loved and loyally supported. These people, Psych, staff rooms, just reading a list, MMA and boxing people over wrestlers. Bah humbug!

                              • Kermand0
                                Kermand0  1 months back

                                Does WWE realize that stuff like this makes them look bad? Same with the Fox Sports guys last week not having a clue what they were talking about because they aren't fans of the product. This is just embarrassing. Do they think that having the Real Housewives of New Jersey promoting the show will bring back the 1 million viewers they lost from SmackDown last week? So sad.

                                • Karlito Ramey
                                  Karlito Ramey  1 months back

                                  You sold out *clap* clap* clap* you sold out

                                  • Kevin Gs WK
                                    Kevin Gs WK  1 months back

                                    Ah yes how dare someone make money

                                • Ore Onasanya
                                  Ore Onasanya  1 months back

                                  Using saudi money well

                                  • Tamzid Mohsin Khan
                                    Tamzid Mohsin Khan  1 months back

                                    Hope WWE Draft at RAW will be great and change everything

                                    • VCiPz
                                      VCiPz  1 months back

                                      Tamzid Mohsin Khan Good luck

                                  • ohemaa bako
                                    ohemaa bako  1 months back


                                  • justin fleming
                                    justin fleming  1 months back

                                    Tamina on Raw

                                    • Steven Rowcliffe
                                      Steven Rowcliffe  1 months back

                                      What a joke lol, just as bad as the fox sports broadcasters making a joke out of wwe and and not taking it seriously....and honesty with the current wwe product, I don’t blame them I guess.

                                      • Jeff Stift
                                        Jeff Stift  1 months back

                                        Reality check > reality show.

                                        • Getu Isch cool
                                          Getu Isch cool  1 months back

                                          I love WWE

                                        • Shujinko
                                          Shujinko  1 months back


                                          • Philip Onelag
                                            Philip Onelag  1 months back

                                            Mr Kennedy please return

                                            • Jeff Stift
                                              Jeff Stift  1 months back

                                              He was being shown on a NWA clip recently.

                                          • Jonathan
                                            Jonathan  1 months back

                                            Can you please make ember moon vs naomi

                                            • Jonathan
                                              Jonathan  1 months back

                                              Oof first comment