Vegas V3 Tesla Supercharger ISN'T Worth the Time.

  • Published: 11 August 2019
  • Why can't the premium priced Tesla's benefit from V3 Superchargers? I visit the NEW Las Vegas Nevada Version 3 Supercharger. Turns out you need a Model 3 to benefit, that is if you can make it to the station through all the construction. Interesting visit.

    When do you think Tesla will update the S and X to be Version 3 Supercharging enabled? Until it happens, I can't imagine people buying too many new S and X when a refresh in charging technology is imminent.

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  • Greg
    Greg  1 months back

    Very funny super expensive Tesla Model X charges slower than a much cheaper Model 3 and people wonder why sales on the Model S and X are falling when a Model 3 can charge 2x faster. That is a huge fail on Tesla not to update the batteries on the Model S and X as not only does the Model 3 charge faster it seems the batteries are safer!

    • Alex Gaming
      Alex Gaming  20 hours back


    • bazoo513
      bazoo513  5 days back

      Surely there are other car properties one judges them on besides charging speed...

    • Dan M
      Dan M  3 weeks back

      @Greg You don't achieve these things by clicking your finger. The Model 3 battery production is to this day in shortage. They can hardly ramp up their energy products. What makes you think they can also support the S/X without having to open new lines and new sources of supply? The money is better spent on developing and building their next gen batteries instead.

    • Greg
      Greg  3 weeks back

      @Dan M I do not know, maybe to boost lagging sales on their most profitable line of products?

    • Dan M
      Dan M  3 weeks back

      They are working on their own battery tech for the next gen that will be even better tha the Model 3. Why would they spend money on upgrading the battery lines for the Model S/X when it will be redundant in less than a year?

  • The Winey Budget
    The Winey Budget  6 hours back

    I wish there was something to do while we wait.
    Sitting next to the Highroller and the Linq Promenade. 🤪
    The Highroller takes about an hour to ride.

    • Cam Orris
      Cam Orris  6 hours back

      Happy birthday

      • elie hanoun games
        elie hanoun games  15 hours back

        The newer telsa should do the trick

        • Teresa Rice
          Teresa Rice  1 days back

          I wonder if you could ask for the wing doors on Tesla model 3

          • Teresa Rice
            Teresa Rice  1 days back

            Why can’t the model 3 come with wing doors now that would be even nicer to me.

            • Cameron Wallace
              Cameron Wallace  2 days back

              Happy birthday

              • Hung Kieu
                Hung Kieu  3 days back

                Why is supercharger slow

                • Brandx 1000H.P-V
                  Brandx 1000H.P-V  5 days back

                  You have a damn buggy game real simulation On board like its kinda impossible to get board sitting in a Tesla

                  • Jayden Empire
                    Jayden Empire  5 days back

                    Happy birthday 🎂

                    • Adam Xie
                      Adam Xie  5 days back

                      While waiting y’all should have done something in the back seat

                      • Jayden Empire
                        Jayden Empire  5 days back

                        Adam Xie nooo that’s why she wanted to go to the hotel😏😂

                    • bazoo513
                      bazoo513  5 days back

                      Umm, doesn't Tesla use Google for navigation? Over here (Zagreb, Croatia) "regular" Google maps show construction-related road closures within a day or two (if they were not announced; immediately if they were). I believe most of that info is crowd-sourced. Do maps in Tesla have that ability?

                      • APPLE_ Printer
                        APPLE_ Printer  5 days back

                        Happy birthday

                        • fessells ahmed
                          fessells ahmed  6 days back

                          Happy Birthday 🏁

                          • Chris Bates
                            Chris Bates  6 days back

                            Lesson. Watch bjorn Nyland at Teslabjorn to learn about Tesla.

                            • Richard Dixon
                              Richard Dixon  6 days back

                              Ok now I get it, you worked hard to be a millionaire for that beautiful wife! Good man

                              • Rayhan Khan
                                Rayhan Khan  6 days back

                                Happy birthday 🎉🎉🎉

                                • Spankii
                                  Spankii  7 days back

                                  I don’t owe a Tesla and I watching the video lol 😂

                                  • Spankii
                                    Spankii  5 days back

                                    No only a Subaru lol 😂

                                  • David A
                                    David A  5 days back

                                    But... do you own one?

                                • Dario T.
                                  Dario T.  7 days back

                                  Happy birthday

                                  • DQBB B
                                    DQBB B  1 weeks back


                                    • DQBB B
                                      DQBB B  1 weeks back


                                      • DQBB B
                                        DQBB B  1 weeks back

                                        You should buy a thing that goes in your driveway in you drive on top of it and it charges it

                                        • Max Passion
                                          Max Passion  1 weeks back

                                          It's your birthday and you spent an hour in your model X with that beautiful woman . . . and what? Did she just sit there starring at you? Live a little get some lovin' at the charger! It's Vegas Baby!!!!!!

                                          • Cipher
                                            Cipher  1 weeks back

                                            I cant wait for Tesla to come to South Africa. I have been saving up for a Model 3

                                            • baytraders
                                              baytraders  1 weeks back

                                              Did you get a good birthday dessert - was she covered in 'frosting' ....?!!!!

                                              • Leonard Church
                                                Leonard Church  1 weeks back

                                                I thought only the Model 3 can utilize the version 3 superchargers right now?

                                              • Trevor Stephens
                                                Trevor Stephens  1 weeks back

                                                Pointless video

                                                • Devyn Butler
                                                  Devyn Butler  1 weeks back

                                                  HAPPY BIRTHDAY

                                                  • kian smith
                                                    kian smith  1 weeks back

                                                    Happy birthday

                                                    • OfficialStrike
                                                      OfficialStrike  1 weeks back

                                                      You guys could’ve gone to the linq promenade it was right next to you guys lol

                                                      • Pete Beatminister
                                                        Pete Beatminister  1 weeks back

                                                        You are in a city full of hotels and have that hottie in the car - and you dont know what to do for 2 hours? What birthday was it again? Your 90th? :)

                                                        • nwright28
                                                          nwright28  1 weeks back


                                                          • Andri Gudmundsson
                                                            Andri Gudmundsson  2 weeks back


                                                            • Ferrari_458_Fan
                                                              Ferrari_458_Fan  2 weeks back

                                                              That's what I dont understand about people. Why would you spend £85,700 on a car, that's $106,000, that takes an hour and a half to charge where petrol/diesel cars are much cheaper, better looking, have a soul in the form of sound made by an engine, which by the way depending on your taste can sound amazing, you get more miles out of these cars and most importantly, take about 5 minutes to fill up!

                                                              • Ferrari_458_Fan
                                                                Ferrari_458_Fan  2 weeks back

                                                                You call that supercharging. An hour and ten minutes to charge your car. Let me tell you what's supercharging. Putting petrol/diesel into your car which takes 5 minutes tops. Now that's supercharging!

                                                                • Sam Ham
                                                                  Sam Ham  2 weeks back

                                                                  VERY LATE happy birthday

                                                                  • Justin M
                                                                    Justin M  2 weeks back

                                                                    Watching the e-tron on 350kw chargers is fun. Real world 270kw vs 250kw v3 superchargers isn't a huge difference but cool nonetheless. Your model x is pure schex in flat grey and black!

                                                                    • Eric Wang
                                                                      Eric Wang  2 weeks back

                                                                      wame with LA it was like 20 miles per hour

                                                                      • Cameron Lambert
                                                                        Cameron Lambert  2 weeks back

                                                                        happy b day

                                                                        • MiguelGaming ReadyChannel

                                                                          Hey What’s Inside,
                                                                          The charger is solar panelled. Which means it would work better at the time of day and you need a Tesla model 3.

                                                                          • Mosa Khanyisa
                                                                            Mosa Khanyisa  2 weeks back

                                                                            Happy birthday my dude

                                                                            • SunMastero7
                                                                              SunMastero7  2 weeks back

                                                                              My iPhone XR can charge just as fast as your car dude. Serious investment mate...

                                                                              • OJC 2008
                                                                                OJC 2008  2 weeks back

                                                                                Happy birthday man 🎂

                                                                                • Andrew Villanueva
                                                                                  Andrew Villanueva  2 weeks back

                                                                                  I thought all superchargers for Tesla vehicles charge the all vehicles for 45 minutes. That crazy to charge a vehicle for almost 2 hours.

                                                                                  • Marquies Riley
                                                                                    Marquies Riley  2 weeks back

                                                                                    You know he mad and stressed for driving all that way for an hour long car charge...let me stick with this combustion engine for a little while longer.....

                                                                                    • Marquies Riley
                                                                                      Marquies Riley  2 weeks back

                                                                                      You know he mad and stressed for driving all that way for an hour long car charge...let me stick with this combustion engine for a little while longer.....

                                                                                      • Alien Girl
                                                                                        Alien Girl  2 weeks back

                                                                                        Happy Birthday Dan

                                                                                        • HYDRA Clan
                                                                                          HYDRA Clan  2 weeks back

                                                                                          Las Vegans:
                                                                                          Strengths: gambling
                                                                                          Weaknesses: Californians