Guess The Price & I'll BUY You The Shoe - Challenge

  • Published: 12 August 2019
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    If The Montoya Twinz Guess The Price Of The Hypebeast Shoes, Legit Vlogs Will Buy Them Any Pair Of Shoes Including Nikes, Jordans, and Adidas Challenge!

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    What's good Legit Nation! Thanks for watching and supporting the channel! I Legit Vlogs am a 21 year old guy living in San Antonio, Texas grinding and working harder each day to make my dreams become a reality as a latino influencer. I love sneakers and hypebeast stuff like Supreme, Gucci, Air Jordans and Yeezys! I love Shopping Challenges and Pranks on my Wife! We Visit footlocker, nike outlet, gamestop, and many more stores! We just started doing Gold Digger Pranks and Other Legit Vlogs! With The Lord and my family and friends by my side, nothing will be able to stop us. Let's get it Legit Nation!


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Comments • 887

  • Legit Tim
    Legit Tim   1 months back

    5th Annual Anniversary Sale // Shop Vincero here:

    • Buenrostro
      Buenrostro  1 months back

      😁🔱🔱🔱🔱🔱🔱🌎🔱🔱🔱🔱🔱🔱 Latinas keep working together Elevate each other create Inspire the world never give up if I can do it you can do it you can do it they can do it that sounded good message God bless everyone keep your head up a special shout-out to your beautiful girlfriend and a special shout-out to you keep doing what you do don't change you're great

    • Domanic Leon
      Domanic Leon  1 months back

      Hey I'm a big fan of yours on Facebook and youtube. I recently saw your video of give shoes an I was really wanting to know if you can get me a pair of shoes please? I'm in real need of them. I have a wife and 2 kids. All of our money goes to bills an for our our kids. Recently the kids has went back to school and now we're broke broke an now my shoes have busted put the sides an I don't have the money to get any at all. If you will just please let me know if not that's okay...

    • Riley Prender
      Riley Prender  1 months back

      1000 subscribers with no content challange yeah good job

    • Joel Garza
      Joel Garza  1 months back

      how are the space jams 100?

  • alex the goat
    alex the goat  15 hours back

    we get it your rich bro!

    • Canon McGee
      Canon McGee  17 hours back

      My fave Jordan is the off white unc 1s

      • E.N.D Dragneel
        E.N.D Dragneel  2 days back

        My fave is Jordan 5 3lab5 black/inferred

        • Mashalee Johnson
          Mashalee Johnson  2 days back

          Bro they look like Becky g

          • Tender State
            Tender State  2 days back

            Retro 5’s

            • Kuhci
              Kuhci  2 days back

              7:11 he drunk asl

              • Blake Smith
                Blake Smith  2 days back

                I’m 13 and I’m a size 11

                • Demetrius Smith
                  Demetrius Smith  3 days back


                  • Malaya 2 Times
                    Malaya 2 Times  3 days back

                    They bad as shii but sum bout them annoying prolly they voice or that they act just a lil slow 🤣🤷🏽‍♂️💀

                    • Isaac Wilson
                      Isaac Wilson  3 days back

                      Like you if you would wear those pink j’s I would

                      • Spencer Green
                        Spencer Green  4 days back

                        Jordan 11 lows black

                        • Vitoria Bertioga vmb
                          Vitoria Bertioga vmb  5 days back

                          Can you send me a yeezy size 8 please? 🙄😑
                          I need Broo 😓

                          • Darcy Cooke
                            Darcy Cooke  5 days back

                            400 your 100 off
                            How much are they?

                            • Thessa TNT
                              Thessa TNT  5 days back

                              The Jordan gatarode 😍😍😍

                              • princess banaag
                                princess banaag  6 days back

                                Wish i have the yeezys

                                • Quanita Walden
                                  Quanita Walden  6 days back

                                  I only pay 65 for retro ones 🥴😂

                                  • Quanita Walden
                                    Quanita Walden  6 days back

                                    Those those ones with the fur on the tong 🔥🥵

                                    • Chubbymarshmello Gaming

                                      16:50 the music in the background brought me back to 2k19

                                    • Zyaire Aldonza
                                      Zyaire Aldonza  6 days back

                                      That’s the day before birthday

                                      • Ariana Merete
                                        Ariana Merete  6 days back

                                        I’ve never seen girls with such bad shoe game😭😭

                                      • RaHkA
                                        RaHkA  6 days back

                                        4:10 You actually made me almost cry with that song😭😭

                                        • Faze Nenglus TTV
                                          Faze Nenglus TTV  7 days back

                                          The jordan 13

                                          • Jowisen
                                            Jowisen  1 weeks back

                                            One of the twins: they are to small
                                            Tim: They are small, they’re small.

                                            • adam All day9064
                                              adam All day9064  1 weeks back

                                              Bro I’m 12 and I got a 10.5

                                            • king kong
                                              king kong  1 weeks back

                                              what are those twins instas

                                              • king kong
                                                king kong  1 weeks back

                                                what happen to legit vlogs😭😭😭

                                                • Hunter Mclean
                                                  Hunter Mclean  1 weeks back

                                                  No u weren’t

                                                  • David Holmes
                                                    David Holmes  1 weeks back

                                                    Wah jordan 1 bred 300$ no way

                                                    • iblue yt
                                                      iblue yt  1 weeks back

                                                      25 off 175 is 100

                                                      • Aniya Jackson
                                                        Aniya Jackson  1 weeks back

                                                        Ddg was just there

                                                        • Stacks
                                                          Stacks  1 weeks back

                                                          4:00 you can tell she doesn’t know anything about shoes she called them 500s lol

                                                          • Yaxiel Gaming
                                                            Yaxiel Gaming  1 weeks back

                                                            I couldn't subscribe to there channel because in the end the channel name was mocking to much

                                                            • Codeine.
                                                              Codeine.  1 weeks back

                                                              Chick called the 700s 500s

                                                              • Fernando Coviello
                                                                Fernando Coviello  2 weeks back

                                                                How doesn't she like yeezys

                                                                • Emily Garcia
                                                                  Emily Garcia  2 weeks back

                                                                  “I went with some air max’s “ I died😂😂😂😂

                                                                  • roel obligacion jr
                                                                    roel obligacion jr  2 weeks back

                                                                    What ia the jordan 1 called? @14:04 the one he holding

                                                                    • roel obligacion jr
                                                                      roel obligacion jr  2 weeks back

                                                                      Ive seen better acting in pranks bruh

                                                                      • Kyler Klitso
                                                                        Kyler Klitso  2 weeks back

                                                                        Montoya twins are to humble

                                                                        • Ruben Tv
                                                                          Ruben Tv  2 weeks back

                                                                          I’m 15 and My shoe size is 11 and in vans a 12 I’m also 5.8

                                                                          • HPcustomerservice Roblox

                                                                            Bruh I’m size 12 and I’m 16, why they trippin over size 10 1/2

                                                                          • Jessica Vazquez
                                                                            Jessica Vazquez  2 weeks back

                                                                            tims annoying ngl

                                                                            • Carlos_ p1
                                                                              Carlos_ p1  2 weeks back

                                                                              Whattt?????😂the patta 7’s aren’t even badd fr

                                                                              • LaDean Castillo
                                                                                LaDean Castillo  2 weeks back

                                                                                Tim lowkey flirts with Mya 🤣

                                                                                • Timothy OBrien
                                                                                  Timothy OBrien  2 weeks back

                                                                                  MY NAME IS MONTOYA!!!!!!!

                                                                                  • TKS_FR0st GG
                                                                                    TKS_FR0st GG  2 weeks back

                                                                                    He changed the the rules

                                                                                    • 9 year old
                                                                                      9 year old  2 weeks back

                                                                                      Wonder what they taste like

                                                                                      • No videos with 10K Subs

                                                                                        They look like the Montoya twins.