Power Hungry Tesla Model X vs The World's Toughest Towing Test | Adventure X Ep. 2

  • Published: 12 August 2019
  • ( http://www.Transwest.com/frederick ) Can a Tesla Model X Tow? Yes, but can it tow a maximum load up the world's toughest towing test up a mountain? That's the question that we set out to answer in this week's episode of TFL's new Adventure X video series.

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  • The Fast Lane Car
    The Fast Lane Car   2 months back

    So how much more range does the Tesla Model X have towing vs not towing? We found out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhX3BmhJXc8

    • TJ _
      TJ _  3 weeks back

      Why is this not under your truck channel, performing truck tests on a car channel is dumb

    • Obsidian
      Obsidian  2 months back

      That test 👆 was worthless... The last 30 miles weren't driven the same as the first 90 SMH.

    • Jim Wheeler
      Jim Wheeler  2 months back

      josh alanis, that was a little harsh and uncalled for and I don't see it. I expect that Andre and Tommy don't feel that way and besides, Tommy is Roman's son.

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith  23 hours back

    Where is the Pontiac Aztec

    • Joshua Smith
      Joshua Smith  23 hours back

      Wish yall could have done this with the Aztec lol

      • TSN EatSumToes
        TSN EatSumToes  2 days back

        Live in Denver but has a 615 area code hat

        • FarmerBoyFPV
          FarmerBoyFPV  2 days back

          Tesla trailer booster packs. Built into the trailer. ;)

          • decodeddiesel
            decodeddiesel  3 days back

            God I miss Colorado. Summit County is just so beautiful.

            • Adam O'Dwyer
              Adam O'Dwyer  3 days back

              I used to love this channel but not sure now. While you’re justified in some of your negativity about Tesla in how long it took to get your Mode 3 fixed, it seems you’re like the rest of the industry in how you make your money, so your bias in ICE vehicles is apparent. You mention somewhere around 2+ minutes about pushing the Tesla down the hill. That’s an obvious corrupt negative thing to say when you know damn well you’ll regenerate power all the way down that last huge hill plus the other smaller ones. And couple potentially end up with more battery than you started. Yes I’m a believer in Tesla. And yes I’ve just unsubscribed to your channel.

              • Brian Willess
                Brian Willess  5 days back

                no need for profanity

                • Radek Woj
                  Radek Woj  5 days back

                  engine is running while idle, thats gonna kill your mpg too

                  • masonhud
                    masonhud  5 days back

                    Dont buy a tesla

                    • Tony Vu
                      Tony Vu  6 days back

                      To much of a hassle to charge and recharge with the trailor. I don't think the range is viable for EV yet unless it has a 500 mile base range. It is interesting Rivian says they can tow 11k pounds but for how long on a 400 mile battery pack. That is also not considering the uphills that exist in the real world. No one wants to tow across multiple states only to recharge an extra 5 hours on the same trip using a ICE truck.

                      • Theguitarscout
                        Theguitarscout  1 weeks back

                        The drama about not being able to unhook to change was way to much!! is this funded by shell ? . When the Tesla truck hits the road then you can compare. Totally bias

                        • billy ????
                          billy ????  2 weeks back

                          All these people talking about unhooking the trailer and leaving it to charge the car. I left my trailer 15 min at the hotel I stayed at and within that time tweakers broke open the door and stole half the stuff out of it. I just thought it would be easier to get gas without the trailer. The trailer had locks on the doors and coupler. They broke the master lock like nothing and robbed that shit like a nascar pit stop.

                          • captainhic
                            captainhic  2 weeks back

                            Is it a P100D or what?

                            • Justin Crediblename
                              Justin Crediblename  2 weeks back

                              tesla is going to have to start manufacturing aerodynamic trailers.

                              • Okie Rider
                                Okie Rider  2 weeks back

                                This is the dumbest thing that the TFL guys has ever done. Using a Tesla to tow a trailer? Seriously?

                                • Derp
                                  Derp  2 weeks back

                                  One of you explains something 5 times then the other guys then goes basicly its like.. the same thing..

                                  • Derp
                                    Derp  2 weeks back

                                    Horrendous fake reactions.. Just stop

                                    • Derp
                                      Derp  2 weeks back

                                      Dont use your phone while driving you fanny

                                      • DevilDog369
                                        DevilDog369  2 weeks back

                                        We subscribe to you to see exactly what will happen, soooooo disappointed that you didn't at least try and tow down hill to see the results. Even if you had to abort have way with some results , you had a truck to save your butt, very disappointed !! a disappoint for your 836,000 subscribers .... hmmmm

                                        • Sol B
                                          Sol B  3 weeks back

                                          that ram is dirt nasty

                                          • dblissmn
                                            dblissmn  3 weeks back

                                            Never occurred to me that poor design of the supercharging stations would be a major limiting factor!

                                            • Joanan Destin
                                              Joanan Destin  3 weeks back

                                              Do you guys give away the cars after testing them? If so, how do I participate to win myself a car?

                                              • Buff Barnaby
                                                Buff Barnaby  3 weeks back

                                                range drops by 7.25 x 💩😁

                                                • Buff Barnaby
                                                  Buff Barnaby  3 weeks back

                                                  in a gas station you could fill up in minutes. With a trailer !

                                                  • Buff Barnaby
                                                    Buff Barnaby  3 weeks back

                                                    who has hours to sit at a supercharger ?
                                                    time is money.
                                                    also there will be fights over limited spots if these ever get popular.

                                                  • Buff Barnaby
                                                    Buff Barnaby  3 weeks back

                                                    tow a giant generator to recharge Tesla.
                                                    Which runs on dinosaurs juice.

                                                    • Bernard Hepburn
                                                      Bernard Hepburn  3 weeks back

                                                      The old guy is way too interested in bashing Tesla
                                                      and; throwing shade at Tesla Motors/vehicles.

                                                    • tractorboy31
                                                      tractorboy31  3 weeks back

                                                      I like having a trk i can fill up in minutes and have full range whether im towing or not. I cant afford 2 vechicles 1 for hauling/road tripping and 1 for daily use

                                                      • Silver to Gold
                                                        Silver to Gold  3 weeks back

                                                        endre' things the combined EPA applies to towing? And he's a car guy?

                                                        • Timothy Harris
                                                          Timothy Harris  3 weeks back

                                                          Disconnect the stupid trailer use a $30 trailer hitch lock and drop it in a parking spot you can stare at it while you supercharge. This really is common sense but I guess it was more about narrative than science?

                                                          • Jay Zee
                                                            Jay Zee  3 weeks back

                                                            Waste of time towing with electric until battery tech improves at least two fold in capacity...

                                                            • Maximilian Hacker
                                                              Maximilian Hacker  3 weeks back

                                                              Amazing that it even made it uphill at that fierce average speed. Now try doing the same with a quite similar priced and powered AMG GLS 63 SUV. At the same average uphill speed please.

                                                              • Ntrakstudio Nick Nobrega

                                                                It used 17% but all that goes up comes down, and apparently it regains 4% going down that same hill. So the total energy lost is 13%

                                                                • Electronics For Fun
                                                                  Electronics For Fun  3 weeks back

                                                                  so other than the abysmal range you get from that thing, it's a pretty competent tow vehicle.

                                                                  • david church
                                                                    david church  4 weeks back

                                                                    im sorry, but this electric stuff is just not impressive. 8 cylinders fire in perfect order pushing you somewhere is impressive.

                                                                    • Jonas Donizete
                                                                      Jonas Donizete  4 weeks back

                                                                      towing test ahhahaha you got see brazil highways .

                                                                      • Yanna's Fun Times
                                                                        Yanna's Fun Times  4 weeks back

                                                                        So its usless car outside cities not good for long distances crossing were no light poles are even present let to find a charger.

                                                                        • TobbbeTV
                                                                          TobbbeTV  4 weeks back

                                                                          A few notes i think you guys should have abided by. I'm truly enyoing your content and have until now just seen 2 videos. First impression tho is that you neglect things eather from lack of knowledge or you simply is biased towards Ice trucks. I'm not saying that the tesla should have won. They truly ait there yet with towing trailers. You guys are not giving it a fair chance tho.

                                                                          Avrage milage out. When the tesla goes back down the hill it gets back minimum 1/3 of what it spent going up, without burning thru any brakepads. Might be higher due to the trailer pushing behind.

                                                                          Teslas milage, and all other cars even ice cars measure their estimated milage around 50-60mph (90-100kmh) not 70+ or 110-120kmh. In the EU your restricted to 50mph (80 kmh) pulling a trailer like that. Efficiency goes out the roof when speedig, and consistently floors the car unnecessarily. Teslas especially with their extrem performance pulls sick amonts of power when flooring, when you could have used like 300hp of it's 700hp instead of all of it. People with Trucks Semitucks and normal petrolcars have done it for ages. Its called "ecodriving". High gears low revs, motorbrake and so on to save diesel/petrol.

                                                                          Unhook supercharge>hook>leave its that simple. Why even consider staying at a slow charger for hours when its that easy? Ofc pusing Tesla to place 1 or 2 chargers for towing cars would be great. But saying that you cant supercharge becuse your towing is just stupid.

                                                                          Beside this. Good luck with your channel! :)

                                                                          • Jamie Stamp
                                                                            Jamie Stamp  4 weeks back

                                                                            What is a brake controler

                                                                            • Joshua Briggs
                                                                              Joshua Briggs  4 weeks back

                                                                              Hard to beat the energy density of dino bodies!

                                                                              • FPVREVIEWS
                                                                                FPVREVIEWS  4 weeks back

                                                                                "I'm surprised my feet aren't getting hot" WOW really??
                                                                                Thanks for at least mentioning that an ICE truck gets like super bad m.p.g. towing uphill. BTW it cannot regen.. and must be equipped with towing package, so that the trans does not overheat, also must service brakes far more often, etc. etc.
                                                                                You are really not willing to unhitch the trailer for a few minutes to supercharge?? but are willing to unhitch it to tow it with the ICE truck?
                                                                                Why not bring the Tuareg, another similar size/weight SUV as a backup, or better yet, as a direct comparison, rather than a much larger Pickup Truck? At least be more objective with your rigged test..
                                                                                Another test designed to make the X look as bad as possible.. Oh well, Better start another channel "TFL Big oil sponsorship" ? I'd love to find out how you are paying for buying these latest lineup of vehicles including the tuareg, and all of the cost to make these videos, also how much profit you are making from all of the FUD.
                                                                                As a more calm note, It's generally useless to demonstrate how not to do something, and show fail after fail, but far more useful to demonstrate methodology for success. Unless of course your measure of success is a drop in Tesla Sales/stock, influence over public opinion, buying large dirty energy companies a chance to make a profit for slightly longer, in which case it all makes perfect sense.. No worries, Plenty of dedicated pickups coming out, not just a EV Sedan with a raised roof. X did super well, considering what it is..

                                                                                • atnfn
                                                                                  atnfn  4 weeks back

                                                                                  Did they load the trailer with something weighing as much as 3 horses as well?

                                                                                  • Andrew Hatton
                                                                                    Andrew Hatton  4 weeks back

                                                                                    I’ll never go electric

                                                                                    • Gunitexpo Sn
                                                                                      Gunitexpo Sn  4 weeks back

                                                                                      but luckly you carry a trailer around with you so you can put a 400 volt generator on it, and then also put one of teslas wall chargers,so you can just stop and fast charge your tesla on the go. you just need to make an hour break from your trip. that is reallistically closer to what a truck with giant batteries can do. not as echo friendly tho

                                                                                      • Samuel Bomorse
                                                                                        Samuel Bomorse  4 weeks back

                                                                                        Well this was a lot more boring than I thought it'd be.

                                                                                        • Mr. Mark
                                                                                          Mr. Mark  1 months back

                                                                                          Incredibly IMPRESSIVE. Doing 70 up the hill?? Slow down to 50 and look how much power you save....ANd.... No idiot is going to drive a 3 horse trailer with that rig, especially up effing Loveland Pass (where I grew up)...but you might want to go water skiing with your 21 ft boat/trailer that weighs. (average weight 2300 pounds)....and not everybody lives on top of a mountain ...so if you live in a normal place and want to pull a normal boat/trailer...the X is FANTASTIC. Be fair.

                                                                                          • Phil Harden
                                                                                            Phil Harden  1 months back

                                                                                            Tesla is a joke. Call me when they get 1000 mi range or self charging.